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TO FIND OUT MORE about any committee, email Chapter President Christopher Brochyus, cbrochyu at, or Secretary Nicole Sinder, miamiaclusec at

Events Committee
Produces the Bill of Rights Reception each fall and the Law Day Reception each spring.

Executive Committee
Acts for the chapter between board meetings.

Forum Committee
Organizes public forums on civil-liberties issues: Books panelists, arranges venues, invites guests, and publishes the discussions.

Juvenile Justice Committee
Advocates in favor of higher graduation rates and against the school-to-prison pipeline, promoting restorative justice and hearings before suspensions.

Legal Panel
Executes the chapter’s legal program, vetting potential lawsuits, bringing important cases, and attracting cooperating attorneys.

Membership Committee
Markets the chapter and recruits new members: civil libertarians who want to make Miami-Dade a more just community.

Newsletter Committee
Creates stories on chapter issues and activities, published via The Flame and The Flame Online.

Nominating Committee
Recruits chapter board members: volunteers with commitment and skills, such as lawyers, students, professors, organizers, marketers, and communicators.

Police Practices Committee
Engages with law enforcement at various levels to reduce police shootings, abuse, and discrimination, especially that based on race, ethnicity, or gender.

Police Practices Miami Beach Subcommittee
Encourages Miami Beach Police to respect residents and visitors, especially during Urban Beach Weekend.

Public Policy Committee
Reaches out to legislators, mayors, commissioners, school board members, and media to promote civil liberties.